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  1. Farm to Collection Center Management:
  • Crop Traceability: MazaoHub provides detailed traceability reports, enabling you to track the origin of each crop batch back to the specific farm, farmer, and harvest date.
  • Farmers' Management: The system allows for the efficient management of farmers' information, including contact details, land size, and historical crop data. This aids in crop planning and resource allocation.
Collection Center to Warehouse Management:
  • Inventory Tracking: The software tracks the movement of crops from collection centers to warehouses. You can monitor inventory levels in real-time, ensuring adequate storage space and timely transportation.
  • Quality Control: Quality parameters such as moisture levels, weight, and visual inspection can be recorded at collection centers and warehouses. Any deviations can trigger alerts and quality control measures.
  • Payment Processing: Integration with the POS system ensures prompt payment to farmers based on the quantity and quality of crops delivered. Payment records are stored for transparency.
Agro Dealer Management (Point of Sale - POS):
  • Product Catalog: Agro dealers can use the POS system to manage their product catalog, including seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and other agricultural inputs.
  • Sales and Inventory: Track sales, manage stock levels, and receive real-time alerts for restocking. The system can generate sales reports and optimize inventory turnover.
  • Customer Management: Maintain customer profiles, including purchase history and contact information, for personalized marketing and service.
Supply Chain Management:
  • Logistics Optimization: MazaoHub optimizes the supply chain by providing route planning and logistics support, ensuring efficient crop movement from farms to warehouses and distribution centers.
  • Real-time Tracking: Utilize GPS and RFID technology to track the movement of crops in real-time. This enhances security, reduces losses, and ensures on-time deliveries.
  • Traceability Reports: Access comprehensive traceability reports that show the entire journey of each crop batch, allowing for quick identification of any issues or recalls.
Integration with MazaoHub Extension Management Module:
  • The Extension Management module seamlessly integrates with the Crop Collection Management tool, allowing agricultural extension officers to work closely with farmers, provide guidance, and collect data on crop health and growth.
  • Extension officers can input data on crop conditions and recommend best practices, which are then integrated into the overall crop management process.