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Streamlining Off taking and Supply Chain in Agriculture Value Chain.

For off-takers and manufacturers, one of the biggest challenges in the agricultural value chain is sourcing raw materials from smallholder farmers. This is because it can be difficult to find farmers who are producing the quality and quantity of produce that meets their standards. As a result, off-takers often have to pay high prices to middlemen who travel to rural areas to find farmers and their crops. In some cases, the crops that are brought in do not meet the quality standards of the off-taker's customers.

MazaoHub offers a module known as Crop Sourcing and Offtaking, which empowers off-takers, manufacturers, or commodity traders to enter into contracts with individual farmers or farmer groups to purchase their crops. An off-taker can monitor crop production from the moment a farmer prepares their land, ensuring that the farmer produces according to their quality standards.

Moreover, off-takers can collectively source crops from farmer cooperatives or farmers' groups and manage the collection process including payment to each individual farmer in the group using the crop collection module. They can register their operators or use operators within the MazaoHub platform to oversee or streamline crop collection process. Off-takers can also track which crops are expected to be harvested when and where at what quantity or quality. They can find out who planted what and where.

They can access production reports for each farmer or farmers at various levels, from the village level to the national level, including details about the fertilizers, insecticides or any associated chemicals used and the expected yield. MazaoHub provides off-takers with a traceability tool that allows them to have complete visibility from the farmers, including invoicing and contract farming tools to facilitate the purchase of farmers' crops. Off-takers can use the off-taker management module to oversee the production of their farmers. Off-takers can make purchases from anywhere, eliminating the need for them to travel to various regions to find crops based on their standards. They can use the system to communicate with cooperatives or farmers who have the quality and quantity of crops they need, as the system displays the quality and production level of available crops, location with google maps to make easy on planning logistics issues.

  • This module provides off takers with visibility into crop production, including:
    • Crop type and variety
    • Quantity
    • Quality
    • Location
  • The module also helps off takers to manage crop collection and logistics, warehousing i.e storage

Benefits of Using MazaoHub's Crop Sourcing and Off taking Module:

  • Off takers can source high-quality crops at competitive prices.
  • Off takers can reduce the risk of supply disruptions.
  • Off takers can improve their efficiency and productivity.

MazaoHub also offers a number of other features that can benefit off-takers and manufacturers, including:

  • Market insights:┬áMazaoHub provides off-takers with market insights, such as price trends and demand forecasts, to help them to make informed decisions about their sourcing strategies.
  • Financial services:┬áMazaoHub partners with financial institutions to offer off-takers and farmers access to financing to support their agricultural activities.
  • Training and support:┬áMazaoHub offers training and support to off-takers and farmers to help them to use the platform effectively.