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  • 01 May, 2024
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We are excited as MazaoHub to share this update. We are happy to announce the expansion of our Farmer Excellent Centers, popularly known as Kliniki za Kilimo to farmers in Swahili, to better serve farmers in Ifakara and all the locations. With the addition of five new centers, we are now able to provide comprehensive agricultural support to farmers in Kilombero, Ifakara,  Mlimba, Malinyi, and all surrounding villages or wards to reach 70,000 farmers.
All these farmer excellent centers are located in rural farming locations led by our extension officers.
Our  services include:

1)      Soil testing and fertilizer recommendations: Our experts analyse soil samples using our sensors to determine the nutrient deficiencies and recommend the appropriate fertilizers to optimize crop growth and yield.

2)      Farm mapping: We utilize advanced technology to create detailed maps of  farm, enabling farmers or financial institutions to make informed decisions about land use, irrigation, and crop

3)      AI-powered crop health monitoring: Our AI-powered tools continuously monitor crops for signs of stress, diseases, or pests, allowing farmers to take timely action to prevent yield losses.

4)      Personalized herbicide and pesticide recommendations: Based on the specific needs of the crops and the identified threats, we recommend the most effective and environmentally friendly herbicides and pesticides to protect farmers yield.

5)      Comprehensive farm record keeping: We provide a user-friendly platform to maintain detailed records of  farm activities, including production, expenses, and sales, financial reports based on IFRS enabling farmers to track farm progress and make informed financial decisions.

6)      Training and farm visit support: Our team of experienced agricultural professionals under our farmer excellent centers offers regular training sessions and personalized farm visits to guide farmers on best practices and address any challenges they may encounter.

7)      Access to finance: We partner with financial institutions  to facilitate access to loans and other financial services

8)       Direct Markets: We work closely with food companies and offtakers, using our system to partner or contract with farmers, manage and control production, crop collection and whole supply chain to ensure farmers get fair prices for their produce.

9)      Post-harvest handling and storage: We provide training and support on proper post-harvest handling and storage techniques to minimize losses and extend shelf life.
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