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Is Africa Safe from Climatic Challenges?

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. For Africa, it presents a particularly daunting challenge.

Leading Farm ERP Platforms Worldwide

Farm ERP platforms are gaining in popularity as they provide farmers with the ability to manage their operations more efficiently,

Join Map My Farmer Campaign Using Mazao Hub App.

In recent years, African farmers have faced numerous challenges due to the changing climate, natural disasters, and economic instability.

Save My Grandmother Story: The Story of Mazao Hub

The story of Mazao Hub is a story of pain and suffering. It is a story of my grandmother, who could not escape the exploitative buying from middlemen and post-harvest loss

Food traceability in Africa is a barrier to trade

As consumers demand proof of where their food comes from, traceability allows for the tracking of products throughout the supply chain

Big Players met in Musoma to decide the Destiny of Cotton Industry in Tanzania

Big Players met in Musoma to decide the Destiny of Cotton Industry in Tanzania

Open Letter to Mr. Abdulmajid Nsekela, TCDC, Cooperatives

Open Letter to Mr. Abdulmajid Nsekela, TCDC, Warehouse Receipt Regulatory Board, Cooperatives, Farmers unions, investment firms, banks, insurance and various agricultural stakeholders

The miracle sugarcane farm

From tears to purpose, our 'Miracle Sugarcane Farm' saved us, then whispered the future of farming

Climatic Change and Food crisis in Africa, who is going to solve it?

Is it not heart-wrenching that the crisis of food in Africa is not unfamiliar to us? In the mid-80s, a devastating one million lives were lost due to food shortages in Ethiopia.

The Shocking Struggles and Challenges of Africa's Smallholder Farmers: How We Can Help

Will that Tshs.18Million be given to you in cash or will they pay input suppliers so you can obtain the inputs you need?

Revolutionary Global Digital Agriculture Companies Transforming the Future of Farming

In this current age of technology, where every industry is embracing the advancements of the digital world

2023 Agriculture Apocalypse: The Dire Challenges Facing Our Food Supply that Demands Immediate and Collective Action

Despite the insatiable hunger for agriculture in our daily existence, we have abandoned everything to the small-scale farmers who are disconnected, underprivileged, unsupported, and untraceable

Feeding a population of more than 9 billion people

Africa, in particular, spends 35 billion US dollars importing food instead of creating the conditions to grow more of it.

The Future of Farming: Understanding the Magic of Precision Farming.

The evolution of precision farming is taking the agriculture industry by storm, shaking its very foundations

MazaoHub's Quest to Empower African Cooperatives into Thriving Businesses

A world where cooperatives and Agricultural Marketing Companies (AMCOs) can easily access and analyze all their data in one place